To-do list

  • The main page
  • Individual articles on every member of the clan, 35+
  • An article about the maps and skins that the members might be interested in having
  • An article telling about the different lightsaber forms (Name of article: Forms)
  • An article about the clan server(s) (Name of article: Server)
  • An article describing the game exploits for people that do not know what they are (Name of article: Game Exploits)
  • An article about the clan itself. Remember to tell why Jedi is spelled wrong (Name of article: Jedi's of Freedom)
  • An article about the rank trials (Name of article: Trials)
  • An article listing the rules of JoF (Name of article: Rules)
  • A frequently asked questions article (Name of article: FAQ)
  • A memorial article with stuff like the that on the main site (Name of article: Memorial Grounds)
  • Individual articles about the JoF movies, and an article that tells about and lists the movies chronologically
  • An article about the councils etc. (Name of article: Council)
  • An article listing the server admins (Name of article: Admins) Merged into the Server page
  • An article listing alliances (Name of article: Alliances)