Sanjisan is current member of the Low Council.

Rank Low Councillor
Species Rodian
Gender Male
Master Fifthforge
Teacher Jelly, Fuzzy
Padawans Detshot, Toph, Darksith, Tor
Students None
Joined 25 April 2015
Jedi Path Guardian

Biography Edit

Sanji joined the Jedi of Freedom in April 2015. He quickly rose to power thanks to his shrewd mind and bribery. He was elected as a Low Councillor in February 2016 to replace Foongus, who had stepped down from the position.

He received the role of the first ever Chief Instructor in September 2015 and was the first to achieve the status of Platinum Instructor in May 2016, due to his long service, including the legendary 100 Adept Month.

Nicknames: Sanji

Form Learning and Mastery Edit

Sanji started learning Niman with Jelly as his teacher in January 2016. He later changed his form to Soresu with Fuzzy as his teacher in September 2016.

Ranking Progress Edit

Sanji joined the clan on 25th April 2015 and was assigned to Fifthforge.

He failed his Padawan trial twice, trial mission 5 times, and Jedi Guardian trial mission approximately 7 times.

Awards and Achievements Edit

Scout - level 3

Evaluator - level 3

Platinum Instructor Badge

Gold Instructor Badge

Silver Instructor Badge

Bronze Instructor Badge

Donator medal

Quotes Edit

Here goes a list of quotes about the member written by clan members.

"stop laming me sanji" - Phantom

"Why are you so cool?" - JoF (Diego)

''WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE BETTER THAN ME?!'' ~ General Grievous