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Phantom was born on the planet of the Moon, being both son and daughter of Shen and Chewbacca. This being soon learned how to wield a lightsaber and starting to use it for all kinds of perversions and something something darkside too.

Caught molesting puppy's this being was scouted by the Jedi of Freedom(there leaders are from Sweden) and specially former instructor Abdel had seen great potential of the immature yet effective techniques molesting said puppy's and was recruited.

And while Phantom had no interest of becoming a Jedi she had no choice because molesting puppy's is bad and illegal thus was either conscripted or put to the block for execution. Phantom could not bare to end its perversions so she decide to play along for now.

Showing its best side to the instructors of the academy it did not take long for phantom becoming a Padawan and part of the order. With now his shakles loosen'd from the Jedi Council (excisting only of Aldro Koon the leader with the severe schizophrenia, beveling there where several layers of councilors and ruled of the Jedi with his 'brother') Phantom knew his trust with the council was earned and it was time for a break and set course to the rainbow pony home world...

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"This guy is really a dude?" - Shakur

"The only thing i care about is getting Phantom into bed." - Sanjisan