Mission for Conquest
Director(s) Shree Koon, Aldro Koon
Writer(s) Shree Koon, Aldro Koon
Released Unknown
Runtime 43 mins
Episode 4
Preceded by The One
Followed by The Rise of The Sith Lords

Mission for Conquest is..

Opening CrawlEdit

After the demise of the 
dark jedi and the fall of 
Gonzo, Aldro Koon was sent 
to Yavin IV to the angels 
academy where he had felt 
a strong connection to the 
Force. Aldro had found an 
entrance beneth the academy 
that led to a Sith Lair,
where he overheard two 
hooded men discussing to 
hack {JoF}'s private 

Meanwhile his brother Shree 
Koon was renovating the 
council with help from the 
Asha'man Milamber and Master 
Sway. He was waiting for his 
brother to return...




  • Athena
  • 03PO
  • Hexes the talking Wookie
  • Chiss Bartender
  • Hooded Man 1
  • Hooded Man 2



The songs used in this film are:

  • Requiem For a Dream - Clint Mansell
  • Imperial March - John Williams
  • Yavin Trail - Unknown
  • Gonna Fly Fow - Bill Conti
  • Star Wars Cantina Music
  • Grevious Chase - Unknown
  • Mission Impossible Theme
  • Tomorrow - Salif Keita
  • O Fortuna - Carl Orff
  • Star Wars Techno Remix
  • Duel of the Fates - John Williams
  • Measure of a Man - Elton John