Rank Low Councilar
Species Human
Gender Male
Master Kordor
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Joined 7 April 2012
Jedi Path Guardian

Mar was a member of the Low Council.

Biography Edit


Form Learning and Mastery Edit

Mar started learning Djem So in June 2012. He never progressed past lvl 3.

Ranking Progress Edit

Mar passed his hopeful trial on 7th April 2012 and joined JoF assigned to Kordor. Mar finished his padawan learning on 1st September 2012 by trialing for Jedi Guardian and the same day he was given a rank of Jedi Master, as he showed great traits to become one. Finally on 11th March 2013, Mar was given the rank of Low Councilar. On 2nd May 2014 Mar was demoted back to Jedi Master as a punishment for siding with the rioters during the meeting held the same day. His council seat was given back to him on 27th July 2014.

Awards and Achievements Edit

Darren's BFF.

Quotes Edit

Here goes a list of quotes about the member written by clan members.

"{JoF}Leader Aldro: Where the fuck is Mar?

{JoF}Dr. Darren{LC}: Walking his dog..

{JoF}Leader Aldro: For fuck sake!" - Every LC meeting while Mar was LC

Want some of that porove juhe yo. ~kei

''I'LL DESROY YOU IN AGE OF EMPIRES!'' ~General Grievous