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Biography Edit

Here goes a description of the member.

Form Learning and Mastery Edit

Ranking Progress Edit

Here goes a visual representation of the ranking history and progress of the member. Also, please add a description of why the member was awarded the promotion/demotion including by who it was awarded and what for.

Awards and Achievements Edit

Here goes a list of awards and achievements that the member has been awarded.

Quotes Edit

Here goes a list of quotes about the member written by clan members.

"Hey jj want to cuddle?

Padawan was sabered by JoF'Fuzzy'LC

Nevermind!" - Random horny Padawan

"I heard this girl really likes cats.. guess she must be a lesbian :)" - Sanjisan

"<3 =^.^=" - Fuzzy

"Sometimes i like to talk about all the things jjuliet hates just to get some attention from her.. :( " - Jelly

"I ignored her once... Once." - Milamber

"hey jj come here..

#JoF{jjuliet}MG was sabered by ×JoF×Sanjisan×LC×

#JoF{jjuliet}MG: ;_; i'm telling fuz

×JoF×Sanjisan×LC×: DO IT!

JoF'Fuzzy'LC: sanji...

×JoF×Sanjisan×LC×: Well shit.

×JoF×Sanjisan×LC× was sabered by JoF'Fuzzy'LC

#JoF{jjuliet}MG: <3 <3 =^.^= <3 =^.^= <3 <3 "- Sanjisan... everyday...

''HI MAAA!'' ~General Grievous