Jelly is current member of the Low Council.

Rank Low Councillor
Species Rodian
Gender Male
Master Mar
Teacher Durran
Padawans Antinomy, Rampage, Shadowfrost
Students Foongus, Kordor
Jedi Path Guardian

Biography Edit

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Form Learning and Mastery Edit

Shii-Cho - level 2.5

Master of Niman, has Teachers Badge and is currently teaching.

Ranking Progress Edit

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Awards and Achievements Edit

2013 Christmas Tauntaun Duel Winner - Lancer

2014 Activity of the Year

2015 Activity of the Year

2015 Admin of the Year

2015 Member of the Year

Form Teacher Medal

Form Mastery Medal

Evaluator - level 3

Quotes Edit

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"Could you stop wiggling so much?" - Basers

"Anime is embarrassing" - jjuliet

"I once asked this guy to pass the salt... he banned me." - Genetix