Form VII: Vaapad is the final of the seven forms of lightsaber combat.


Shree Koon's explanation of Vaapad and why it is not being taught out in the order:

"The forms we teach are different from Vaapad. Some even say it can't be taught out because it was Mace Windu that created it and it died with him and so on but really that's just RP fiction talk. What I have done is develop it as well as I could from what the form states:
"One reflects the opponents rage against himself". What I see this as, is that you pretty much do what the opponent does himself in terms of movement, accuracy/aim and style. To be able to do this, you must have such a high understanding of sabering in the game that you can adapt directly without much thought and even possibly out-play pretty much anyone you encounter. This is nothing I can teach out, this is something you gain after mastering pretty much the majority of the forms.
With great understanding of the mechanism in the game, you are able to live up to what merits as Vaapad in the clan. If I was to teach this, we'd be forced to have a relation of Master-Padawan and not Teacher-Student as the teaching will NEVER stop unlike the other forms.

Short said: Teaching a form and to make you fully grasp it can take up to 4-6 months. Mastering it is another story. Teaching one that is based on all also known as: Vaapad, is simply too time consuming."


Known practitioners in {JoF}:

Known practitioners in the universe: Mace Windu, Sora Bulq, Depa Billaba.

Shree Koon using Vaapad against Ghajnm

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