Introducing: {JoF}'s Factions!

The factions are two teams, within {JoF}. Members are randomly assigned a faction house and this house will determine what team you are a part of during certain events that are so called Faction Events. The two factions are represented by the the leaders and future factions will be represented by the members that have contributed the most in {JoF}. As we increase in member count, more factions may be added in the future.

Goal: The idea is to gain points by winning faction events. Every month: atleast one Faction Event will be held. It will range from anything between Siege to Hydroball. Every 6 months (June and December month of each year), we will declare one Faction, the winner.

Faction event examples: Hydroball, Siege, CTF, TFFA, Predator, BattleChess.

Reward: Aside from the glory of winning and having it forever posted on the Hall of Fame, members will also win something called Fun Admin. This level of admin will allow the winners of the Faction to grant merc, empower, change map/gametype AND spawn npcs. All of this without the responsibility of keeping order in the server. However you need atleast 4 tokens to recieve this admin and it is only yours as long as your Faction is still the winner. Should your Faction lose once 6 months passes, you will lose the admin as well.

Tokens: Tokens are recieved by participating in Faction Events. You need to participate in 2/3 events in order to recieve the Fun Admin reward. That means if we have atleast one Faction Event every month for 6 months (total of 6 events), you need to participate in atleast 4 of these. The tokens do not stack so once a winner is declared, everyone is reset for the next 6 months.

Faction Information:

|A| for Adegan  |S| for Sigil

You are to wear your Faction Emblem as your rank during Faction Events. You are free to use it on your daily alias as long as your {JoF} tag and rank still fit!