Dedicated Jedi Master Diego.

Rank Dedicated Jedi Master
Species Human
Gender Male
Master Flay (old), Exonimus (old), Abdel
Teacher None
Padawans Vul, Rotkind, Vayne, Efta, bones
Students None
Joined 2007

Rejoined 26 September 2015

Jedi Path None


Diego de la vega-0

Diego de la vega-0

Form Learning and Mastery

Diego is currently not learning a form.

Ranking Progress

Diego has served as a Low Councillor.

He is currently a Dedicated Jedi Master.

Awards and Achievements

Scout - level 3

Gold Instructor Badge

Contributor medal


Here goes a list of quotes about the member written by clan members.

"What a douche" - Zree

"Where did he learn to fight?" - Vetso

"Why is a jedi master?, was i drunk?" - Aldro

"Execute the simpleton" - Shree