Rank Low Councilar
Species Human
Gender Male
Master Abdel
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Joined 7 July 2011
Jedi Path Weaver

Darren is current member of the Low Council.


At first a shy adept, not talking when he didn't have to, Darren, together with Kordor, were for the first two years one of the most proactive duo JoF has ever had. They were progressing through the ranks almost simultaneously, while recruiting and afterwards keeping order on the server. Sadly, after some time in the Low Council, Kordor started to attend his IRL matters and the duo slowly dissolved due to Kordor's growing inactivity. Darren found the replacemnt for his lost "pal" in Mar, Kordor's padawan. Together they form a great well-known team, organizing christmas events and much more.

Revolutionizing the Academy

In February 2014 Darren developed a web utility to help keep track of adepts in the academy much easier. During the summer of 2014 Darren stared working on a whole new application system that would make the forum applying obsolete. It was finally released as a beta in October 2014 and kept being developed further. You can read more in the Academy page.

Form Learning and Mastery

Darren started learning Ataru, taught by Aldro Koon, right after he reached JK, but for the lack of effort he never got past level 3.5. Several reattempts to learn the form failed miserably after few lessons. Darren realized his dueling carreer won't go any further than basic dueling.

Ranking Progress

Darren passed his academy trial on 7th July 2011 and joined the clan, being assigned to Abdel. He finished his padawan learning on 11th November 2011 by trialing to Jedi Weaver. On 29th November 2011 Darren was given a rank of Jedi Master together with Kordor and finally on 29th September 2012 he was given the rank of Low Councilar, along with Kordor again.

Awards and Achievements

  • Medal of Honor
  • 2014 Tatooine Podrace Winner
  • 2014 Councillor of the Year
  • 2014 Member of the Year
  • 2015 Councillor of the Year
  • 2015 Member of the Year