Antinomy is a Dedicated Master Weaver.

Rank Dedicated Master Weaver
Species Human
Gender Female
Master Jelly
Teacher Kordor
Padawans Dhim, Svage, MyBitch, TheRock, Tor, Rucifil
Students none
Joined 12. 07. 2015.
Jedi Path Jedi Weaver

Biography Edit

Christine was born in the Outer Rim, in the planet Isis, where diplomacy is the most important thing for all time. One day, Her father went to Dxun for some hunt, but an assassin killed him there, throwing his body to wild Bomas. She and her mother began hiding for years. Later on, her mother died naturally. She lived alone for the rest of his life in Isis, with deep sorrow about her fate. After 15 years of her mothers dead, a young General come to Isis for some diplomatic issue. He recognize that Christine is Force sensitive and brought her to the Jedi Academy. She changed her name to Antinomy, to ensure, no one will recognize her ever again. And her training was started...

Form Learning and Mastery Edit

Soresu - Lv 4,5

Ranking Progress Edit

From Initiate to Jedi Knight, all Trials was done with Jelly.

12. 07. 2015. - Initiate

12. 08. 2015. - Padawan

13. 09. 2015. - Jedi

10. 12. 2015. - Jedi Knight

16. 01. 2016. - Jedi Weaver (elected by Darren)

19. 01. 2016. - Master Weaver (elected by Council)

07. 05. 2016. - Dedicated Master Weaver (elected by Council)

Awards and Achievements Edit

Evaluator - Level 3

Archivist - Level 3

Scout - Level 3

Platinum Instructor Badge

Contributor Medal

Admin of the Year Medal (2016)


  1. Dhim - Jedi Master



"One time he asked me for a game... now his library is getting full." - Sanjisan